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Your living room is the perfect place to relax and socialize with your loved ones. Make sure that this space provides a comfortable environment for you, your family, and friends. Purchase excellent living room furniture and lift chairs from Rhonda’s Furniture & Mattress in Dalton, OH today.

Our products come at amazing prices. When you go to our store, you can acquire excellent furnishings without breaking the bank. Check out our living room furniture items to get a glimpse of the items we have in stock.

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Here at Rhonda’s Furniture & Mattress, we make interior decoration easy. In addition to exceptional living room furnishings, we also carry furniture that’s perfect for dining areas and bedrooms.

Major Brands We Carry


Started in 1932, Catnapper has grown to be one of the largest family owned living room furniture manufacturers in the world. Their focus is on quality and fashion which has been their key to success for over 75 years.

Catnapper furniture and other models are offered in all colors, fabrics and leathers.  A limited lifetime warranty is offered on frames, and solid hardwoods are used at all stress points making Catnapper a brand that will last a lifetime.


Southern Motion™ was founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi.  

The idea was simple: manufacture only reclining furniture and make it better than anyone ever had. All they needed was a name. One day while Guy Lipscomb (Co-founder) and his wife, Sandy, were shopping, they happened across a painting entitled "Southern Motion" by a Birmingham, Alabama, artist. The painting served not only as the inspiration for the company's name, it also embodies the spirit of the product to be manufactured-relaxed and comfortable furniture.

Customize your fabric! Choose from over 350 different fabrics. Available on any frame. 


Jackson Furniture was founded in 1933 by W. Ray Jackson during the Great Depression. Despite the economic hardship, the company opened their doors the day that the banks closed theirs. Since then they have continued to create furniture right in the United States. They have seen decades of American prosperity, challenge, war and amazing technological & scientific advancements. Through it all, Jackson Furniture has never forgotten the way their company began, with perseverance, hope and hard work. 

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